Musical Playground: Learn Mathematics through kids' songs & rhymes (VCD-Rom)

- CD playable in DVD/VCD player and computer

- Lively animations

- 7 nursery songs, 5 rhymes, riddles (English)

- Interactive activities

- Electronic flashcards to enrich children’s vocabulary

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Product type:

Musical Playground - Mathematics is designed to teach basic numeracy skills using rhymes and songs.

Presented through lively animations and colourful graphics, it encourages children to read the rhymes with expression and sing the songs happily together.

The CD comes complete with rhymes, songs, flash cards and interactive activities. It is hoped that Musical Playground series will help children strengthen their basic numeracy skills in an enjoyable way.

List of songs and rhymes:

  • Plus
  • Minus 
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year 
  • Thirty Days
  • The First of May 
  • Three Blind Mice 
  • One He Loves 
  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five 
  • Ten Little Indian Boys 
  • Cuckoo Clock 
  • The Clock
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What is in the package: 1 VCD-Rom 

Age range: 4-9 years 
Language: English

Weight: 100 g 
Pakej size: 18.0 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.0 cm