Exploring English Year 6 (KBSR)

- Step-by-step learning method

- Vocabulary enrichment and intensive Grammar lessons

- Colourful, interactive lessons and activities

- Intensive exercises in UPSR-exam format

- Writing practices

- Easy to use

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Exploring English Year 6 is creatively designed to enable Primary 6 pupils to learn English language in a multi-sensory approach that is instructional, stimulating and fun.

This series emphasizes on encouraging pupils to have a better and effective grasp of English grammar and vocabulary. The lessons are instructional and interactive in approach and cover skills and themes as stipulated in the KBSR syllabus. With this pupils will have a better understanding of and a stimulating experience learning English Language for daily usage and in preparation for the UPSR examination.

Exploring English Year 6 empowers pupils to master the English Language creatively.



  • World of Personal Relationship - passages & comprehension work
  • World of Stories - passages & comprehension work
  • World of Knowledge - passages & comprehension work
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Social Expressions
  • Simple Sentences
  • Note Expansion
  • Text Completion
  • UPSR Model Test Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Old UPSR Format)
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What is in the package:

1) 8 CD-Roms
2) Teacher's guide

Age range: 12 years old
Weight: 950 g
Package size: 25.0 cm x 32.0 cm x 4.0 cm

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