DIY Fridge Magnet with Matt Sealer (Plaster of Paris - set of 10 designs)

- Emphasize on visual arts language
- Apply media and processes and techniques creatively
- Make an appreciation of the work
- Visual Arts Education
- 10 types of designs
- Suitable for 9-12 years

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RM 35.00
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Product type:

What is in the package

  • 10 pieces of plaster
  • 10 magnet (18mm x 4mm)
  • 1 tube Super glue (3g)
  • Matt sealer (100ml) - to seal the colour on plaster
  • Colour guide
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- Plaster size: 3cm x 4cm - 4cm x 6.5cm
- Package size: 6cm x 13cm x 20cm
- Weight of package: 400g