My Little Star: English Vocabulary Learning for Children

- For 6 months - 6 years old

- Enriches vocabulary in daily life

- Improves visual skills

- Listening and concentration skills

- Speech and language development

- Right brain stimulation via e-flash cards

- Manipulative skills via engaging interactive activities

- Playable in DVD/VCD player and computer

- Free delivery in Peninsular Malaysia

RM 238.00


Product type:

My Little Star series is an irresistible collection of VCD-ROMs and books that will teach and nurture skills of reading, writing and colouring. It attempts to answer questions children usually ask about their surroundings. Arranged thematically and carefully designed with the children in mind, this series will help them become innovative, creative and knowledgeable.

My Little Star Series helps in the development of the children's thinking skills and stimulates creativity from preschool to formal schooling in primary school. It is made up of many volumes. Each volume gives them an insight into the world around them in an interactive and entertaining way.

The research

The Research and Curriculum of My Little Star Series

The curriculum of My Little Star Series is designed to introduce, support and foster emergent literacy skills in children ages zero to six. This series using combination of four methods: visual skills (cartoon-like story), whole language and reading skill (revision), right brain stimulation (Picture board and flashcards) and manipulative skills (game). Here are some details about each skill set and the specific skills/knowledge that the package addresses:

Visual skills:

The imaginative stories, centred on cute and friendly characters, help your child to enjoy and focus on the cartoon-like lessons. This indirectly helped to enrich your child’s vocabulary and general knowledge, and develop his learning abilities. The fun-filled lessons are designed to sharpen your child’s rhythmic and listening skills, unleash his imagination, enhance his thinking skills and stimulate his creativity.

Whole language and reading skill:

Left brain tend to do well in reading and repetition. ‘Revision’ section in the programme helps to revise what the child has learned in the lesson, using the real photos. This helps the child to recognise the vocabulary and whole language (sentences) more effectively.

Right brain stimulation:

Flashcards play a very important role in stimulating children’s right brain. Picture board shows the real picture with text at the bottom. This is so as to encourage the child to pick up the image and word at the same time. Both are presented randomly, which helps to stimulate the right brain development.

As for the electronic flashcards, each word flashes within two seconds. It may seem fast to you, but the child might need that space of time to pick up images. Learning through flashcards is a common way to stimulate children’s right brain. The right brain always catches on to flashes of images very quickly. Do not be concerned that the topic is too ‘difficult’ for your child because brain stimulation is about the image or ‘picture-word’ instead of word.

Manipulative skills:

Playing is fun. If playing is learning, then learning must be fun too. Fun games not only provide a platform for the child to play, but it helps to revise and reinforce what he has learned in the lesson. The interactive game required muscular coordination and other sensorimotor skills when the child plays using the keyboard and mouse. The unique of these games is the child is given unlimited time and chances to answer the questions. This can build up their self confidence.


  • Nursery Songs (18 songs)
  • Insects
  • Fruits
  • Animals and Their Sounds
  • Occupations
  • Clothes
  • Colours and Shapes
  • Things In The Kindergarten
  • Vehicles
  • Sea Life

What is in the package:

1) 10 VCD-Roms
2) Free 10 activity books with mini posters attached (Bilingual: English, Malay; Paperback: 32 pages/book)

Age range: 6 months-6 years old
Language: English
Weight: 1 kg 900 g
Package size: 25.0 cm x 32.0 cm x 4.0 cm
Book size: 19.0 cm x 26.5 cm

Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia