Bijak Bahasa: Learn Basic Malay Language KSSR (Suku Kata, Kefahaman, Tatabahasa)

- Cute and friendly characters

- Clear explanation of every aspect of the language

- Examples that can help understanding of the lessons

- Application of moral values in everyday life

- Presentations in various forms, such as explanation with examples, exemplary stories, songs and riddles

- Questions that help reinforce understanding

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Let your child master the basics of our National Language with the basis and structure of Bahasa Melayu in Bijak Bahasa Tahun 1.

The contents are specially developed for teaching and learning of basic Malay language – reading, writing, and speaking. Language knowledge to be taught were syllables (suku kata), grammar (tatabahasa), comprehension (kefahaman) and language art (seni bahasa). This knowledge is an important part of the LINUS (Literacy and Numeracy Screening) for Year 1-3 pupils. According to the target of the Malaysia Education Blueprint , pupils have to master the basic of Malay and English language and arithmetic.

Bijak Bahasa Tahun 1 series is presented in a systematic way with learner-centred teaching by integrating animation, graphic and interactive multimedia together. Pupils are guided to apply the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills and thinking skills through the learning process. By using multiple approaches, such as stories, puzzles, and entertaining songs in the presentation, the pupils will be able to learn in a fun filled environment.

CD1 (Syllable)

  • Huruf – Konsonan & Vokal
  • Suku Kata Terbuka KV + KV
  • Suku Kata Tertutup KVK
  • Suku Kata Tertutup V + KVK
  • Suku Kata Tertutup KV + KVK
  • Suku Kata Tertutup KV + KVKK
  • Suku Kata Tertutup KV + KV + KVK
  • Diftong
  • Digraf KKV
  • Vokal Berganding
  • Frasa & Ayat Tunggal


CD2 (Comprehension)

  • Membersihkan Rumah
  • Pak Pandir Beli Kopi
  • Hormat-menghormati
  • Keluarga Saya
  • Ke Kedai Buku
  • Kawan Baik Adam
  • Asal-usul Durian Tunggal
  • Cintailah Alam Sekitar

CD3 (Grammar)

  • Kata Nama Am & Khas
  • Kata Ganti Nama Diri Pertama & Kedua
  • Kata Kerja
  • Kata Adjektif Warna
  • Kata Hubung
  • Kata Tanya
  • Imbuhan Awalan & Akhiran
  • FN + FN ; FN + FK

This package includes:

  • 3 VCD-Roms
  • 2 activity books

Suitable for: 5-7 years old
Product weight: 300g
Book size: 19 cm x 26.5 cm
Product packaging: 19 cm x 27 cm x 2.5 cm

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