Mental Arithmetic Using Abacus Through Multimedia

Let your child discover the secrets of arithmetic calculations. Encourage him to break away from rote learning - let him know the value of learning from basic principles.

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The abacus is more than just an adding machine. The activity required to use the abacus provides your child with a visual experience of fundamentally important arithmetic operations. In addition to developing a sound understanding of the principles involved, using the abacus also enhances mental arithmetic skills.

Our multimedia lessons are designed for the beginner: clear animations, step-by-step demonstrations, graded exercises and instructional games. In a short time, your child will easily master the basic skills needed to use the abacus.

With multimedia as the engine driving our lessons, you have at your disposal a learning tool more effective than what books alone can provide. It is like giving your child his own personal tutor.


  • Step-by-step learning for beginners
  • Hands-on experience through animated lessons
  • Graded exercises to assess students' understanding
  • Sharpens mental arithmetic skills
  • Encourages learning and boosts confidence
  • Exposes students to the history and usage of the abacus


  • Type A: Direct Addition and Subtraction
  • Type B: Addition and Subtraction Using Beads of Value 5
  • Type C: Addition and Subtraction Using Beads of Value 10
  • Type D: Addition and Subtraction Using Beads of Value 5 and Value 10 Together
  • Mental Arithmetic Using Finger Counting


1) 6 CD-Roms 
2) Teacher's guide

Age range: 7 years old
Language: English
Weight: 500 g
Package size: 21.5 cm x 20.0 cm x 4.0 cm

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