Exploring Science Year 6 (KBSR)

Exploring Science Year 6 is creatively designed to enable Primary 6 pupils to learn science in a multi-sensory approach that is instructional, stimulating and fun. Fast shipping and quality guarantee.

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The lessons are instructional in approach and cover learning skills as stipulated in the KBSR syllabus.

To ensure that pupils have a better understanding of and a stimulating experience with Science, interactive hands-on activities and experiments are included. Pupils are encouraged to try out the experiments. At the same time, Exploring Science Year 6 is made lively with 3-D games.


  • Interactive lessons with 3-D animation and video clips
  • Interactive hands-on activities and experiments
  • Assessment includes answers with explanations
  • Model tests with sample answers
  • Bilingual vocabulary
  • 3-D games


  • CD1: Investigating Living Things
  • CD2: Investigating Force and Energy I
  • CD3: Investigating Force and Energy II
  • CD4: Investigating Materials I
  • CD5: Investigating Materials II
  • CD6: Investigating The Earth and The Universe
  • CD7: Investigating Technology
  • CD8: Question Bank

1) 8 CD-Roms 
2) Teacher's guide

Age range: 12 years old
Language: English
Weight: 950 g
Package size: 25.0 cm x 32.0 cm x 4.0 cm

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