i-Skor Tatabahasa 1 (Malay Grammar for Lower Primary)

- Covered 24 grammar topics

- Fun animation and stories

- Interactive practices to test students’ understanding

- Local situational context


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Grammar (or Tatabahasa) is the whole system and structure of a language. Grammar states the rules of how that language should be spoken or written.

Understanding grammar helps students to write and speak the Malay Language correctly. Therefore, Unik introduced the i-Skor Tatabahasa to help students master the tatabahasa skill.

Presented with elements of animation, interactive graphics and multimedia, students are guided to nurture the students in the application of ICT skills (ICT) and thinking skills. By using stories and edutainment elements that unpretentious in presentation, students will learn without getting bored.

In addition to multimedia learning, i-Skor Tatabahasa also includes enrichment activity, practices and interesting game in each lesson.

This programme is a perfect self-learning tool for primary students.


Contents Tahap 1:

1. Kata Nama Am, Kata Nama Khas
2. Kata Ganti Nama Diri
3. Kata Adjektif
4. Kata Kerja
5. Kata Hubung
6. Kata Ganda Penuh
7. Simpulan Bahasa
8. Sinonim dan Antonim


Contents Tahap 2:

1. Kata Sendi Nama
2. Kata Nama Arah
3. Kata Bilangan
4. Penjodoh Bilangan
5. Kata Ganda Separa
6. Kata Tunggal
7. Kata Majmuk
8. Imbuhan se- dan ke-

Contents Tahap 3:

1. Kata Seru
2. Kata Tanya
3. Kata Perintah
4. Kata Ganda Berima
5. Imbuhan –an, -i dan –kan
6. Tanda Baca
7. Ayat Tunggal
8. Ayat Majmuk

What is in the package: 1 USB thumb drive

Age range: 7 - 9 years old
Language: Bahasa Malaysia
Weight: 100 g
Package size: 18.0 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.0 cm

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